Wednesday, March 16, 2011


After quitting my job, I went into a three week spin of things to do.  One of those agenda items was to find a storage unit for "my stuff!" I didn't want to put "my stuff" into one of those drive-by storage units.  I thought of the highly unfortunate news stories that featured rats making homes in your couch and serial killers hiding body parts in bags, so I opted for a business storage unit.  The price, for all intents and purposes was the same.  My sister had stored my eldest brother's life accumulation in a storage unit for some time after he passed away and when she pulled it out, everything was exactly as it had been when she put it in.  That's all I needed to know.

I contacted Hallett Movers and Storage in Summit, Illinois and asked for a rate.  It was a fair and balanced price, so I gave them my arrival date in Chicago and they put everything into their crated units.  I witnessed the entire process and it went along quite beautifully.

I pulled everything out a few months back; and the move-out of their storage unit and the move-in to my home came off without any problems.  During the time "my stuff" had been in storage my monthly rate had never been raised and all of my life's accumulations were in good shape. They were in the exact shape as they went in.  The moving crew was superb. They were courteous, positive and careful.


I recommend Hallett Movers & Storage. They were friendly and efficient at all times; and my items were impeccably kept. Reminder: the rates never increased!

On the back end, I would use their facility again (if the situation ever called for it).  They are a professional and downright nice group of people. 

If you need to secure items in an excellent, clean and professionally run facility, please contact Hallett Movers & Storage at 1-800-645-6683.

They are quite well known in the library and commercial warehousing industry, but they handle the average American home as well as they handle the world's finest libraries.

Hallett Movers & Storage
7535 West 59th Street
Summit, Illinois


  1. I meet Bill, I worked with Bill on occasion - at 80 something (I'm guessing the higher end) Bill pushed dollies down the hallway...he thought it would make it easier for the rest of the move team. He may have been the world's greatest mover, but more importantly he was simply a great man.

  2. So glad to hear that my assessment nailed it. He was a pleasant man on the phone and I felt like he couldn't do anything dishonestly. The world is lacking good folks.

  3. Using moving and storage in Chicago can be a nightmare. I had just finished school when I need to find a place to find all of my stuff. I knew I was going to end up paying way to much for a crappy storage unit if I didn't find the right resources. This article perfectly explains what I went through. It's resplendent, great work.