Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Real Chicago Code

Recently seven Chicago Police officers received the 2011 Red Cross Law Enforcement Hero award. These men went the extra mile last November by rescuing citizens from a burning building. They are: Officer Victor Chan, Officer Christopher Davies, Officer Kristopher Krizka, Officer Vincent Foggey, Officer Juan Perez, Sgt. Thermon Royster and Officer Bryan Zydek.

Officer Krizka happens to be my nephew. Here is a kid from the Southside who dropped out of high school then joined the Army. After finishing his enlistment, he obtained his G.E.D then completed two years of college in order to qualify for the Chicago Police Department. Here is a young idealistic man who wants to do a public service for the people of Chicago. I am sure the others have similar high ideals. For every bad apple in the department there are hundreds if not thousands of fine officers who daily face criticism, insult and danger. This is the real Chicago Code.

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