Monday, April 9, 2012

Restaurant Review - My Way Ristorante, Willow Springs, Illinois

This was the sixth (yes, sixth) time I have dined at My Way Ristorante in Willow Springs.  One of the reasons I have been here so often is that it is a convenient central location for a large group of my fellow diners.  This is the main reason why I have gone back repeatedly.

The Willow Springs area is a delightful and quite near astonishingly beautiful suburb in the Chicagoland area.  The simple drive up Archer Road/Route 171 is always a lovely excursion.  The famed upscale and old-style Courtright's is on this same path (see review on this site), but slightly down the road on the southbound of 171 or Archer Road.

My Way Ristorante offers traditional food in a right off the road storefront which is in a relatively quiet neighborhood (even though it is right on Archer Road).  My Way serves up large portions of food, but not so large that you bust out of your slacks. Rest assured, almost everyone in your party will go home with leftovers. 

The highlights here are the linguini with shrimp & broccoli and the lemon chicken.  The lemon chicken dinner serving comes with three grilled chicken breasts atop a plateful of pasta.  Depending on your dietary needs and wants you might have three meals out of that one entree.  The pastas overall are good, the wines are affordable and the patio is pleasant, but again it is located right on Route 171.  Having said that, I can't think of a more comfortable setting if you are going to be on a surface street of consequential use.

The vibes are genial and the cooking is good.  My Way is a satisfying dining experience. 

Straightforward offerings and an unpretentious setting make for a no-nonsense lunch or dinner outing.

The owner is pleasant and the service is more than adequate.

8116 South Archer Road
Willow Springs, Illinois
708 839 1600

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