Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2016

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show holds forth a long tradition in the history of Chicago as it dates back to 1847. The 2016 show is a joyous and bountiful sight for the eyes. Navy Pier hosts this greenest of events with a tremendous amount of loveliness, class, creativity and wit. As you enter, you are surrounded by a light and sight show that shouts out PHOTO OP! From there on in you will encounter gorgeous displays and lush plants that can't be seen in our backyards at this time of year.

The two major highlights of this year's dramatic show are the tulip gardens and the Zooblooms. The tulip venue is filled with over thirty different varieties of tulips. The colors are a feast for the eyes and you will be scouting around as to where you look next. Purples, reds, yellows, oranges, whites, combination patterns... Could any flower be more glorious than the open ended tulip? Well, if you think roses are even more stunning, you will witness some twenty different tea rose varieties full of spectacular colors.

The second must see is one of the first exhibits you see upon entry. Brookfield Zoo's Zooblooms are a lush garden display featuring snakes and peacocks made of flowers and the Zoobloom area features some learning tools on insects.

The unique umbrellas on display are a treat to view even though none of them could actually be used in the pouring rain, but the designs are a charming backdrop to the opening walk of the show.

The Hyacinth lounge offers the relaxing and sweet smelling display of one of the premiere flowers of the Chicago Metro area. Twenty varieties are on display in the 2016 show, so take your time, linger and take in the fragrances.

Seminars, food, tables full of goodies and a wide assortment of bulbed plants are for sale.

Visit the 2016 Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier.

The show runs between Saturday, March 12 through Sunday, March 20.

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