Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Restaurant Review: Macello Ristorante - Authentic Italian Food in the West Loop

Macello Ristorante offers one of the most satisfying dining experiences you will encounter over the course of any given year in any major city. It is housed in a relatively nondescript building not far from the United Center. It has everything from the meticulously significant menu to the outstanding food to the absolutely glorious service. Macello's will thrill any diner or foodie looking for an outstanding lunch or dinner.

The overall ambiance is lively, colorful and feel-good and the aroma of those wood-burning ovens will keep you heavily engulfed in the anticipation of good and robust food. The menu is reasonably priced by any one's standards, let alone in the heart of the city.

The salads are artistically designed and the highlight here is the Asparagi salad. This salad is so beautiful you may be tempted to take one of those silly food posts for your social media accounts. Your brain working well will tell you not to do this, but the temptation hit us for a second.

Macello's is known for its pizza. The white and red versions are both solid. Go for the Margherita. It's a classic. Whether or not this is one of the best pizzas in the Chicago metro area is arguable. Our opinion is - it's a very good pizza. Is it one of the top five? In our opinion, not really, but again it is a very good pizza.

Both the pomodoro and the marinara sauces are excellent and the panini's are wonderful. Try the gigantic baked Calzone. You won't eat again for hours!

This is a superb location for a get together with friends, birthday celebrations or just going out for a good meal. The staff is amazingly friendly and the service is outstanding. We left a 30 percent tip for
our downright perfect server.

The desserts are out of this world. You will literally taste the single best cannoli in the entire city and the Tiramisu is fabulous.

If you are gluten-free you will find plenty of options on the menu for your diet.

Macello Ristorante is a highlight on the Chicago food scene.

Macello Ristorante
1235 West Lake Street
312 850 9870

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