Monday, May 2, 2016

Delightfully Hip Beatrix is a Must Do on your Restaurants to Visit List: Restaurant Review: Beatrix

Beatrix is one of the most delightfully hip, energetic and downright happy-go-lucky eateries in the entire Chicago metro area. This is one of the key locations you run to for absolutely creative and delicious food. Dare one say it, but why not say it, we love Beatrix.

Whether you are ordering appetizers (don't miss the wildly fabulous potato salad deviled eggs), breakfast (egg sandwiches rarely come better), brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert (blueberry pie slab!) you will not be disappointed.

Mushroom and quinoa burgers match the taste of the superb beef burgers. The salads are inventive and daringly good. Go with the Straight A salad (it is a straight A) and one of the finest kale salads being assembled in the city's center. You can't miss out on the Kennebec fries. They are salty, but ever so good.

Beatrix is consistently beyond excellent. The service is attentive, helpful and the servers are highly knowledgeable. This is a great place for a group outing or a one-on-one conversation. The acoustics are loud, but you can hear your seating mates. Excellent options for the vegetarian, although not quite as vegan friendly, but they will make to order items based on your dietary needs.

Beatrix is a Lettuce Entertain You owned location, so pull out those gift cards you undoubtedly must have received for some life event and make sure you make reservations at the lively, dependable and outstanding restaurant.

519 N. Clark Street
312 284 1377

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